Bluestem Ames, Live Music Venue


For ears and souls only! Bluestem Stage is a high caliber live music venue for local and touring artists to share original music. This is likely to be the venue where you would discover the next great upcoming band or artist. Prepare to be mesmerized! This is an All Ages concert venue that accommodates multiple music genres. Our music shows focus on folk, string bands, bluegrass, blues, funk, jazz, alt rock, and occasionally EDM shows.

In order to preserve the excellent quality of the listening experience we choose not to sell alcohol at Bluestem. The upside of this minor inconvenience is being able to provide a rare and high caliber listening experiences for the audience and a superb live recording venue for bands. For information and updates about upcoming shows follow us at and on Twitter @bluestemames

Contact Information:
Venue Address: Bluestem Stage, 3329 Lincoln Way, Ames, Iowa, 50014
Fb page:; Twitter: @bluestemames
Phone: (925) 609-4341