Bluestem Ames, Live Music Venue

Joe and Vicky Price: Blues Night

Joe and Vicky Price: Blues Night
Location: 3329 Lincoln Way
Venue: Bluestem Stage
Time: 730 - 10
Price: $12

JOE & VICKI PRICE/Night Owls: A husband and wife that sound like they like each other is a pretty big event right there. About the music this duo makes? It doesn’t get any more duo than this, they both pick guitar formidably with the heavy lifting done by Joe while Vicki does the heavy lifting on vocals sounding like a thrush from a speakeasy on the wrong side of town in the 1920s. Serving up blues based roots music throughout, this is one of those little treasures we’ve been hiding out here in the heartland waiting for the rest of you to catch up with to hear what white people with the blues in Iowa can deliver. A really great, heartfelt diversion from the mainstream. Check it out.Right from jump-street, the electrifying sound of Joe Price hits you in all the places you live, a one-man blues tornado who can pack, command and wring-out a dance-floor with the authority of an eight-piece show band. His own deep and varied bag of original music is so formidable that noted Grammy-award nominated singer/songwriter Greg Brown has long referred to Joe as “the Buddha.”

Vicki’s powerful bluesy voice evokes an image of a woman in a 1920’s speakeasy singing her heart out. She is a more conventional (quite good) guitar player than Joe and a song writer of some talent. She is a women who can be summoned to the stage (seemingly at a moments notice, this is no “act”) to jump onto the freight train that is Joe’s current musical number.

The duos last release “Rain or Shine” won the Independent Music Award for best blues CD of 2009. It received rave reviews in the Chicago Sun Times, Blues Review and Vintage Guitar among others. Joe is a member of the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame and the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and was a finalist in the International Blues Challenge in 2008. The couple has opened for such notables as John Lee Hooker, Willie Dixon, Homesick James, Honeyboy Edwards, Louisiana Red, Al Green, Greg Brown and Iris DeMent in their 32 years together.