Bluestem Ames, Live Music Venue

Tall Heights

Location: 3329 Lincoln Way
Venue: Bluestem Stage
Time: 8 – 11
Price: $10 students, $12 adults

“It’s a contemporary sound that is not without its ageless qualities.”
– Chicago Sun Times

“… you can trust me when I say this show is worth seeing.”
-Boston Magazine

“Folk” has become a funny label for Tall Heights. It felt right when they went all-in on a career in music, street performing over 100 days in six months to fund their first recordings. It felt right when their plucky single, “To Be Young,” worked its way into the hearts of their hometown, Boston MA, and spread to the nation on Pandora and Spotify. It felt right when they played 300+ shows in 2013 and 2014 all across the United States.
However, as sounds from their looming October ’15 EP, Holding on, Holding Out, begin to surface, Tall Heights is staying true to their harmony, cello and guitar laden souls, while creating something indie, something chic, something new.

“Tall Heights employ a collection of acoustic guitar, cello, and electronic drums, reminiscent of contemporary indie folk giants like Justin Vernon and Fleet Foxes.” – XPN

“In addition to finger-picked guitar, swelling cello and tight, prismatic vocal harmonies, ‘Spirit Cold’ boasts a bold, airy drum part that propels the song through the peaks and troughs of the arrangement.” – Wall Street Journal

“It’s a contemporary sound that is not without its ageless qualities.” – Chicago Sun Times

“Certifiably unclassifiable” – Boston Herald

“There have been many bands in recent years that have employed beautiful close harmonies, but when you add the strings and the great songwriting, Tall Heights is a notch above the pack.” – WBEZ

“Call it simply gorgeous.” – WFUV

“Tall Heights’s delicate melodies and gentle harmonies create a rare public space where the people can slow down, even stop, and suspend the chaos of city life in exchange for some really great music.” – WBUR

Andres von Kampen from Lincoln Nebrask will be opening the night. She just graduated high school and has a Beautiful voice; I promise you will fall in love with her songs.